Hi everyone


i still get messages from people via the patient website and generally most people are polite but i am still getting no thanks messages are people really that rude. Then there are still the idiots who have been on them for all of 5 minutes and know more than me of course i must KNOW NOTHING and another thing that annoys me is the no reply merchants i have taken time out of my day to reply to you and given  a bespoke reply and for what to be blanked?


Baby T is now 10 weeks old i never thought i would hold my own baby it still feels like a dream part of me is still in denial.

He had his first set of jabs last week and yes i cried. I also became an auntie again on August 7th me and my sister were pregnant at the same time obviously doh she also had a beautiful baby boy he is the double of T.


I couldn’t relax in my pregnancy every second was filled with fear all the time it should have been a happy time being pregnant at the same time as my sister we should have been shopping for baby items together etc but i couldn’t because the fear overtook and consumed me for 41 weeks

Well that was annoying

The dress i bought the other day which i showed on here a couple of days ago was sent back yesterday the stitching was all wonky donkey and basically looked like a cabbage.. never mind i shall buy a different one.

Anyway just wondering if anyone who reads my blog can sew/make dresses?




Angel Delight

Browsing around the Sainsbury’s website i was looking for some treats for my Little Niece to make (ok and me obviously hehe) and i saw that Angel delight (Sainsbury’s own brand of Angel Delight) is less than 3g fat per 100g so enjoy x


Make lollies use instead of Quark for my cheesecake recipe etc


Yes it is nearly Christmas woohoo! (14 weeks eek!)


I was thinking back to Christmas 2012 i remember getting myself into a state about what to wear to a Christmas party yet never worried any other time LOL.. anyway i remember buying a black shirt dress from the New Look Inspire Range to wear with my IC zig Zag shoes Hence the picture inserted.


I just shuddered thank god i never wore that dress it was meant to be i guess knee length? well on me at the time it was halfway up my thighs i am actually cringing right now i am so glad i went out with the trusty ole Birdy Dress. Yes when your bigger clothes tend to look shorter hence why i used to go up one size on certain dresses.


I have actually just found a picture of it as i sold it on Ebay last year. Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely dress but at that size.. NO and that length NO05042013879my zig zag shoes